About me

My name is Grant and I like to design and build software. The majority of my time is spent working on Rounded, a simple accounting app made for self-employed people. I founded Rounded in 2014 and plan to share a lot of the lessons I’ve learnt along the way building a SaaS startup with my team.

I’m passionate about freelancing, I started working for myself back in 2003 making hacky flash websites for local businesses and haven’t looked back. I believe independent work is the future and love being able to contribute to the self-employed community through my work.

Outside of design and code, photography, filmmaking and travel is my thing. I occasionally get very opinionated about sustainable transport. 🚲🚊

To get in touch send me a message on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn or fire off an email to hello@grantmccall.com

Me being a poser